BB Bistro’

BB Bistro’

The planning of this project started with the idea to respect and protec the existing tradition of the place and the cucine. The planning eliminated every kind of superstrucutre to discover the authenticity of the place.

We decided to respect and protect the existing place, by bringing to light the perimeter walls of the space, enphatinzing the historical imperfectios by highlighting the original layout and the new volumes which are conformed to the technical and modern needs moreover they act like contrasting frames with the historical part.

The design approch aimed at enhancing the history and the tradition of the place, it was necessary to work with the utmost attention in the choice of all the furniture. Pieces and fragments from different places and time create the new identity of Barbisa, simple materials that immediately reminds of a domestic frame. The space is divided into three macroares, a central room characterized by an old red horizontal lambrination which wind round the space where there are chairs and tables. As far as the two other rooms, the first one hosts the counter and is situated in front of the main entrance and works as the reception while the second one is located in a more quite area which is also a deor-like place, painted with natural green colors and floral wallpaper.

The counter was made using recycled aok planks (wooden board), all tables and furniture have been carefully selected one by one to ensure a great relaxed harmony characterized by different objects with great personality. The project resultes in creating a familiar and convivial atmophere thanks the great care of materials and colors.

Location: Milano, Italy
Area: 150 sqm
Photographer: Simone Furiosi

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