In the very hearth of Brera district the Diorama installation stages the new collection of Mingardo and Studio Art with a concept that invites to revolutionize the natural perception of domestic spaces to create new points of view that meet the continuous demand of change and innovation.

The installation aims to reveal how the perception of the domestic perception is a concept in ever-changing (constantly changing), defined by the architectural space but above all by the elements that compose it.
Through the creation of unique environments, micro-worlds to explore, the objects become the protagonist and create evocative scenarios, bringing the visitor within a path in continuous evolution.

The path develops in different areas:
Welcome, the space with calm shades of blue, which expresses the balance between colors,
Foyer, plays with the perspective created by mirrors to enhance the architectural container;
Living that through natural tones and strong geometries manifests the elegance and privacy of an intimate place; Boudoir in wich the fabbrics create harmonious movements and give flexibility to the environment.

Location: Milano
Area: 100 sqm
Photographer: Simone Furiosi
Render: Fabul.a

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