Fay fw2014

Fay fw2014

Fay FW 2014 project provided the staging and logistical ccordination for the 2013 Fay Fashion show at Serbelloni Palace. The project aim was that of drawing the attention of the guests into the collection, putting off the attention from the numerous information linked to the location.

We choose to do a linear exhibition in opposition with the characteristics of historical building using modern materials and projections. The project is therefore minimalistic without the Napoleonic opulence because it emphasize only some peculiar characteristic sides.

For this reson all the furniture and the system of projections with electrostatic films were hand made design. The experience generated was highly immersive, the asymmetrical shape of the catwalk, the linearity of the seats and the light tones of the setting contrasted and emphasized all the fashion contents, updating the architectural grandeur of Serbelloni Palace.

Client: April for Fay
Location: Palazzo Serbelloni - Milano, Italy
Area: 500 sqm
Main Contractor: Set up
Producer: Ali' Toscani
Photographer: Agostino Osio

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