Il telaio

Il telaio

The project sees the interiors shaped by meticulously designed and produced objects, right down to the very last detail: the furnishing of the space plays a major role in creating a sophisticated yet familiar atmosphere, balanced between the past and the present, luxury and austerity, fashion and comfort.

The selection of materials varies from the clean cut of the terrazzo table to the essential presence of brass, from the delicate touch of velvet to a well-defined statement of the exotic preciousness of the wallpaper. Every corner is covered by the coziness of the carpet and enriched by the brass vertical elements alterning with smoked glass planes.

The aim is to recreate an intimate and welcoming atmosphere that melds disparate eras and influences, all wrapped in soft nuances.

In collaboration with: Rerum Studio
Location: Saronno, Italy
Area: 35 sqm
Photographer: Simone Furiosi

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