In Between

In Between

In between is a place for encounters, conversations, reflections and exchange of thoughts.

The installation designed for Sprinx Technologies revisits the company's communication codes, organizing the visit through a sequence of thematic environments suspended between physical and digital.

The various exhibition displays that populate the space are arranged on a cement platform, slightly detached from the ground and in turn resting on a black mirror slab. The suspended platform is the architectural element that marks the entrance to the installation, an ephemeral threshold through which the visit begins.

Inside, the use of dichroic surfaces, mirrors and wireframe structures invites exploration and generates unexpected encounters. A system of partitions and walls, arranged along the main axes, fragments the space, identifying the key moments of the exhibition. Each partition is a backdrop that narrates a specific aspect of Sprinx production and, by screening the surrounding context, helps the visitor focus on the product presented.

At the end of the exhibition path, a ledwall unifies the space and marks the presentation event by alternating different media contents.

The palette of materials combines concrete, black mirror and saturated shades of dark grey. The extensive use of cold materials is balanced by accents of petrol green, a colour that also covers the side flagpole that pierces the coffered ceiling to rise to a height of over 6 metres, making the space visible from a distance.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area: 64 sqm
Main Contractor: Stand in Europe
Photographer: Simone Furiosi

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