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Light up

A I M collaborated with UAO for the architectural renovation of a historic industrial building located in the heart of Milan which will be used to host three prestigious showrooms.

The project aimed to restore the genetic codes of the place emphasizing its most valuable elements.
The concept was defined starting from a look at the building’s importance and historical an essential continuity between past and future.

The particularity of the architecture and its hidden location, give the space a special atmosphere, a unique industrial soul lost over time, a reference to a Milan that has now disappeared.
The desire to preserve the charm of this timeless space became the starting point for the
development of the project concept.

The complex is discovered only once you have entered through the door on the street: walking through the atrium, characterized by the original stone flooring of the time, you access the internal courtyard and then the entrance to the main body of the space.
Thanks to a careful historical / photographic analysis, it was possible to reconstruct the stratification of the space by identifying and separating the original system from the superfetations made over the years.

All the main components of the original parts have been recreated and redesigned to ensure optimum efficiency while keeping the original design. The renovation included all the architectural features, floors, fixtures, fittings and coverings.
The subdivision of the internal spaces and the creation of service areas allow optimization of all environments, making the three main rooms independent and flexible.

The internal spaces have been completely emptied to enhance their unique spatial qualities and visual connections, giving a monumental and museum aspect in light of of the new destination for showroom use.

In particular, a light, even colour on all the walls gives an ethereal appearance to the environment in contrast with the flooring made of smoothed concrete.
The restoration of the rear courtyard, transformed into an intimate silent square and the opening-up of a spacious glass window originally found here, create a strong connection between the inside and the outside.

In collaboration with: UAO
Location: Milano
Area: 500 sqm
Photographer: Andrea Olivo

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