A home that bridges two distant worlds. The transformation of a Milanese apartment with a Sardinian heart.

The renovation of an apartment in the center of Milan for a young family was envisioned as a fascinating dialogue between Sardinia and the Lombard capital. The renovation, meticulously attended to in every detail, reflects the new owners' desire to inhabit a space that merges their roots with the modernity of Milanese metropolitan life. All tailored for family living.

The previous apartment's layout, with its narrow corridors and cramped rooms, was completely rethought in favor of a large open-plan living area where one can take in the city skyline. The large openings frame the symbols of Milanese identity, foremost among them the Torre Velasca.

Upon crossing the threshold, one immediately feels a sense of calm and welcome, given by the wooden flooring and ceiling clad in slats of the same essence: a warm and natural embrace. This passage marks the beginning of a journey through a sequence of meticulously designed spaces to evoke a sense of well-being and belonging.
The main partition, placed at the center of the living area, houses the kitchen columns, complemented by a stone island, and conceals doors that can isolate the area behind, designated as a study or, when needed, a guest room.

The architectural envelope of the apartment was designed to be a neutral and relaxing limbo, a serene refuge from the city's chaos.
Walls, floors, and ceilings were entirely covered in lime, a material chosen not only for its aesthetic and functional qualities but also to evoke the roughness of the limestone rocks that characterize the Sardinian coast.
The island in the kitchen, clad in sedimentary stone of marine origin, also evokes the coastal landscape dear to the new owners. This stone, with its varied texture that can take on light shades from red to green, adds another layer of depth and meaning to the interior spaces.
The Milanese atmosphere was introduced through the use of wood, specifically a natural flamed oak. This material, used selectively, identifies the various programs of the house. The wood, with its warm elegance, demarcates specific spaces such as the living area, kitchen, and bedrooms; all designed in harmonious dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Finally, natural light is a silent yet essential protagonist. Filtering through the large windows in an incessant dance, the external light creates a dynamic yet always harmonious environment, capable of adapting to the different needs of the day, from relaxation to concentration.

This apartment is not just a living space but a true visual narrative; a welcoming and functional place, but also deeply meaningful, a living testament to the roots and aspirations of its inhabitants.

Project: A I M
Location: Milano, Italy
Area: 125 sqm
Photographer: Francesca Iovene
General Contractor: EdilPan
Marble Supplier: Bianco67
Fixed Furniture: LM Service

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