Sprinx Technologies | Headquarters

Sprinx Technologies | Headquarters

The emotions are the key for successful project.
The aim of the Sprinx Technologies office project is to create a multifunctional environment, that expresses and demonstrates professionalism and competence in all its parts, that are the values that distinguish the mission’s company.

The area has been designed combining work place/meeting area with exhibitions zones, the flexibility of the space and their possible reorganization, guarantee different work setups.

The entire architecture develops around two central monoliths that separate public areas from private offices. Sliding walls made of folded metal sheets can be moved according to the needs (as required) to divide the surface. Thanks to the phisic characteristics of the material the spaces, with the exception of private rooms, are never totally hidden, guaranteeing a constant connection with the rest of the spaces.
The meeting room that occupies the central space, is transformed into a demo room and presents the technology of Sprinx Technologies in a technical and sophisticated environment, thanks also to the choice of materials and finishing touches.

Location: Meda – Italy
Area: 200 sqm
Main Contractor: Gates
Furniture: Sangiorgio
Photographer: Nicolò Parsenziani

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