Commissioned by Sprinx Technologies, a company leader in the industry of developing security software, Sprinxperience is a symbol of multitasking design: architecture, art direction and communication.

SprinXperience is an installation with strong iconic and experimental value, developed through specific keywords: communicating, surprising and innovating.
The graphic/computer language that characterizes the company technology has been reinterpreted creating a complex architecture inspired by the ephemeral world of algorithms.

This structure reminds the language of software and the pixels of programming. The work consists in a series of aluminum cubes of three different sizes and two different compositions (solid and wire frame) that gravitate floating and suspended around a central element, that is the beating heart of the installation. This object represents the company core business, internally a video is projected and duplicated to infinity thanks to a mirroring game that covers all faces of the structure.

The direct experience of the space is a fundamental component: the installation appears different from every point of view, at every moment and for every spectator, immersed in a surreal scenario made with walls of diamond foam that cancel the spatiality of the setting.
The space finds its compositional fullness thanks to a secondary structure inspired by a kiosk, in this place the Italian origins are highlighted by the rite of coffee and daily life, this becomes the focal point of contact between supply and demand.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Area: 36 sqm
Main Contractor: Villani & Co.
Photographer: Simone Furiosi

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