The Box

The Box

The renovation of an apartment in the very heart of Milan focused on the moving inside, the relationship with the space and finishing.

The project was born from the request to merge two small flats into a single large one; the focal point is the long distance dividing the entrance from the large 70 mq terrace, which surrond the living room. The creation of an iconic element as a white box, containg the service rooms ( toilet and kitchen area) reduced, thanks to the compression ans decompression, that distance creating a real passway experience.

The plain shape and softness of the cration, through the light and game of volumes, consecrated the space.
The sleeping area develops all around the house and is divided in two large areas: the main area and the guest rooms are on the perpendicular slat close to the entrance while the area for the children is parallel to the entrance, a particular attention was given in the planning of the two bedrooms for the children, which, thanks to a completely packable wall, can be trasformed in a single room for recreation and play.
Even the service area, as bathrooms, have also been thoroughly designed. In particular, “ small architectures” formed by volumes which determine the space, as in the master bathrooms where a freestanding shower becomes the out standing element of the room.

In conclusion, there was also a great attention in the choice of materials, finishing and their relation. Parquet, marble, light finishing made the apartment sophisticted and contemporary.

In collaboration with: UAO
Location: Milano, Italy
Area: 350 sqm
Main Contractor: Sice Previt
Photographer: Marco Menghi

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